Residential Hospice Update

by / Saturday, 09 May 2015 / Published in Latest News

The Board and staff of Hospice Orillia are thrilled by the level of community interest and engagement with respect to the building of a residential hospice.  We are working diligently, behind the scenes to identify a location and establish a business plan.

As a summary this is what we are currently working on:

Venue:  We had great responses to our Request for Expressions of Interest.  We are fairly confident that we can implement a co-location model to save on both capital and operating costs.

Next steps: We will be following up with the respondents and asking a short-listed group of them to submit a formal RFP.

Timelines: We hope to have RFP’s submitted and evaluated by early May.

Business Plan: We have heard from the community and from our funders that their concern is how we sustain this program.  We are moving forward with the development of a business plan and feasibility study that will identify the number of beds required, the model of service delivery and determine whether the level of support we require to get started and to continue to operate is available in Orillia. This plan will provide a starting point for our fundraising efforts and answer the question about sustainability.

Funding:  We are pursuing some novel ideas regarding operating funds.  At this point they are quite preliminary but we are hopeful about creating some innovative partnerships.

We are also planning to ask the community for support for some of our initial equipment needs as well as to establish a fund that will pay us an annual annuity for operations and, if expansion is warranted in the future, provide seed capital.

Next steps: We need to shore up Hospice Orillia’s paid fundraising team to manage the increase in volume of receipting; to ensure we remain compliant with CRA guidelines for receipting and to support a future, volunteer fundraising team.

Partnerships: We are fortunate to have Orillia Soldier’s Memorial Hospital as a partner on this project.  They have made some of their technical staff available to support Hospice Orillia through some of the complex processes surrounding the development of a business plan, feasibility study and RFP process.

We are optimistic that we will have news and a better “go forward” strategy late this spring. We will continue to update this information as we make progress.